The Sam Polledri Foundation

Samuel Polledri suddenly & tragically passed away of a Cardiac Arrest in Millennium Square, on the 26th Feb 2022, aged only 24. Sam is described as such a loving, kind and caring young man. He was strong , fit and healthy and always spoke of his dreams and plans for his life that was devastatingly taken far too soon.

In his Honour we are supporting the Foundation to raise funds to purchase, install and upkeep publicly accessible defibrillators. Giving someone else a chance to survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Sam's first public access defibrillator was installed in July 2022 in Millennium Square, close to where he passed. That defibrillator has saved 1 person and 15 more installed since and many more to follow.

‘In the UK, due to cardiac arrest 12 fit and healthy young people aged between 14-35 die every week…' That statistic should not be so high and it is growing.

Public defibrillators

The Sam Polledri Foundation (through Great Western Air Ambulance Charity) was created with the aim of installing public access defibrillators in as many places as possible.‘If a defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest survival rates jump from 6% to 74%’. There were no wall mounted/registered defibrillators near Sam, he wasn’t given the chance to survive.

We have currently installed over 15 defibs with your generous support and help.

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Life saving information

*Disclaimer: Please always dial 999 immediately in an emergency and they will direct you to your nearest defibrillator and guide you to give cpr.

All monies raised through the Sam Polledri Foundation (through GWAAC) will fund public access defibrillators, ensuring that anyone who suffers an out of hospital cardiac arrest has someone nearby who knows how to perform CPR and has an AED within a 3 minute walk.

Please be part of the change to help prevent these tragedies from happening. Let's get these defibrillators out there and known.

Fratello cider 4% of profit from every can sold goes into the Sam Polledri Foundation and 4% of each 50L keg sold goes also into the foundation.

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