Local 6 Pack

Pick and mix 6 of your favourite Just Pressed Cider. Our Local Cider Pack is available to customers based locally within the below mentioned postcodes

Postcodes: GL – 1/2/3/4/10/18/19/50/51/52/53

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Boomfa 6.0% Alc. Vol. / 500ml

Just Pressed Boomfa is akin to a vintage cider and carries big hitting mature flavours, with a little added sparkle.

Blindside 4.0% Alc. Vol. / 500ml

Just Pressed Blindside is gently carbonated with a distinct apple nose and a softly hidden sharpness on the palate.

Skipper 4.0% Alc. Vol. / 500ml

Just Pressed Skipper is gently carbonated dry cider with commanding flavours that leave fresh apple notes on the palate followed by a dry sensation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lisa Folley
Boomfa 6 Pack

Cider and delivery quite simply, just perfect!

Sandra Holliday
Superb - highly recommend Just Pressed

Ordered twice so far! The deliveries were timely and efficient. The ordering process was easy. As for the cider, we were well impressed with Blindside. It ticks all the boxes for what a cider should look like and taste like. Perfect all round.

Amanda overington

Bought as a present, my son loves these ciders!

Rich T
First purchase

All very good. Particularly like skipper which is more dry, but still very wet and drinkable

Rich Gladding
Just excellent!

I placed my order at around 08:30, expecting a next day delivery. It arrived less than 90 minutes later! The only downside was I had to leave them in the fridge until the evening. Great tasting cider delivered in super quick time! What’s not to like? Will definitely be ordering again.